Why Kolos?

The most sustainable, secure, and innovative data center in the world


Powered by 100% renewable energy

Kolos Sustainability

​Kolos will be the largest green data center in the world, powered by 100% sustainable energy from hydropower and wind. As the world's leader in renewable energy with an abundance of green power at 105.5% capacity, Norway was the perfect choice for the location of the Kolos data center.

As data centers face increasing scrutiny for their heavy power consumption and large carbon footprint, Kolos will lead the sector's shift to green energy, helping companies and brands support the world’s efforts to transition to renewable energy.


60% reduction in costs

Kolos Efficiency

Kolos will operate at a 60% reduction in energy costs, making it the most competitive data center in the world. This will provide significant cost savings for our customers, allowing companies and brands to scale up quickly and efficiently without sacrificing performance.

The cool, stable climate of northern Norway, and the site’s proximity to water, will provide natural cooling for the center's servers. Kolos will intelligently maximize green energy and the unique geographic features of northern Norway to deliver the most efficient data center services.


Fortress for data

Kolos Security

Kolos will deploy the latest technology in data center security, employing the most innovative engineers and technology experts, who will constantly monitor and manage new cyber-security risks.

Additionally, the Kolos site is surrounded by water and hills, providing a natural moat to protect against any physical risks.

Kolos will be a fortress for data.


Positive impact on the community

Kolos Community

Kolos is a community project. Backed by five mayors in the area, the new Kolos center will directly create 2,000 to 3,000 new jobs and support 10,000 to 15,000 jobs as a result of people moving to the vibrant community of Ballangen.

We consider it a high priority to have a positive impact on the community, providing new opportunities for its residents, choosing architecture that blends in with the beauty of the natural landscape, and respecting the community’s culture and way of life.


Forward thinking, required

Kolos Innovation

Kolos will constantly look to the future by employing the most innovative thinkers—people who are willing to challenge the status quo.

Our forward-thinking team strives for excellence by taking on each challenge with an open mind and implementing the smartest strategies possible, even if they are unorthodox.


Always provide value

Kolos Philosophy

Our focus is providing value to society, our employees, our partners, and our customers. We believe that business growth built on integrity and transparency is the best path for maximizing both financial and social profits.

A positive environment attracts the best talent, secures long-term partnerships, and ensures customer satisfaction. Our goal is to create the best data center in the world that has positive impacts on the community and our beautiful planet.


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