Radio Sputnik: Lower energy costs and zero carbon footprint help to win customers

A US–Norwegian company plans to build a record-sized data center within the Arctic Circle. According to BBC reports last week, by choosing the location at the northern end of Norway, the company – called Kolos – hopes to save money on energy costs. The facility will get electricity from fjords and its computer servers will be cooled naturally in the chilly air. Thus, the facility will become the world’s largest green data center to be powered by 100% sustainable energy from hydropower and wind. In ten years, the center is expected to become the world’s leader among similar facilities by the amount of electricity it draws on. It is also supposed to become the second in the world by the occupied area, after a data processing division in the US state of Nevada, which is still under construction process. Radio Sputnik discussed the issue with Co-CEO of Kolos – Mark Robinson.