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Atlantis Motherland

Atlantis Motherland
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Atlantis Motherland
by Flying Eagle & Whispering Wind

Thirty-nine thousand years ago, six adventurous scientists from Planet Xylanthia, embarked on a mission to save a primitive species on a distant world which they called “Blue Planet.” They united with a wild robust tribe of Neanderthals and formed the “Blue Planet Tribe.” This was the beginning of the great peaceful Empire of Atlantis. Witness the birth of the Human species & the growth & expansion of the Atlantian culture.

This legendary Empire was ultimately destroyed by military dominance, greed & natural catastrophe. Visit the temples of ancient Egypt & examine the sacred text which reveals the history of this magnificent lost civilization. This saga is a prophetic message & a mirror image of the existing political & economic injustice, sexual psychosis, prejudice & military dominance permeating the existing society of the Human race. This inspiring adventure into the genetic dual-heritage of all humans is substantiated by 25 years of research & richly illustrated with over 200 colorful 3D graphics, photos and maps.

This book is an intriguing unconventional mixture of love story, science fiction, philosophy & solid scientific facts. Atlantis Motherland is a journey into the psycho-genetic memory of humankind. Journey to Xylanthia and discover the origin of Xylanthian androgyny, the purpose of the Alpha Processor and the secrets of IAMU energy transference. This thought provoking book reveals the location of Atlantis in Kerch, Crimea, Ukraine. The Biblical Flood is explained in a dramatic new theory that reverses the currently accepted theory of the devastating breakthrough of the Bosporus.

Cosmic Vortex, 2004, hard cover, color ilustrations, IN ENGLISH

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